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We ended up doing three sessions while I was on my trip there and each time we won right around $1,000 each time.

Also got our lunch and dinner comp’ed after taking money from the casino. (What could be better?)

I found Al to be an awesome teacher and a person with very high integrity

Matt - Phoenix, AZ

I met the professor in Vegas and the professor made me a method gambler.

I take his formula to the craps table and can make a day's pay. You don’t need a lucky streak to win. You need very bad luck to lose.

Curtis Newman
South Beach, FL

I am a math expert who has invented and designed games like what you can see on

I went one on one with the professor and he made a believer out of me. His teaching style is amazing... I think my 4 year old daughter could do this.

I give the professor a big thumbs up.

Zoran Pavlovic
Los Angeles, CA